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There are certainly many needs in the world today in taking care of the blind poor.  As an eyecare provider, you have the opportunity to affect eyecare for 1000's of blind patients in a lifetime.  How is the best way to become involved?

Mission Eyes Network holds many of the resources you will need to begin your journey of making a difference in global ophthalmology..  However, one must recognize the commitment involved in making a difference.  The journey is likely to be different than any adventure that you've been involved in previously.   It is a worthwhile journey, but one that starts with some self examination as a necessary part.

Some of the questions that one should ponder include:

  • What are my intentions?
  • —Where do I feel called?
  • —Are my skills complimentary to their needs?
  • —Do I need to upgrade any skillsets or language?
  • —What investment do I need to make to make a difference?


After you have answers to some of these questions, we would encourage attention to the following 5 key areas:

1.  Find an agency or organization that you respect
2.  Take time to study anywhere you're involved - culture, politics, language, providers, needs, progress
3.  Prepare for challenges and skillset upgrades that may be needed
4.  Commit to skills transfer as a chief mindset
5.  Plan repeated visits to establish longer term relationships, understand the local issues, and to consider the impact of outside help over the short and long term.