About Mission Eyes Network

Our History

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Mission Eyes Network was started in 2006 to help to unify resources on the internet for the eyecare community involved in doing mission work around the world.  The site was built around a mission opportunity database, information about the organizations involved and blog posts from community members.

In 2012, the Global Sight Alliance (www.globalsight.org) was launched in response to a request from the ASCRS Foundation to consolidate the content into a global portal that would serve an even larger community of ophthalmologists and cataract surgeons.  At this time, the website content was migrated into the Global Sight Alliance while also being maintained on Mission Eyes Network in a parallel fashion.

During this year, new efforts were launched for Young Ophthalmologists along with a classroom website featuring the best MSICS training videos available (www.classroom.globalsight.org)   

In 2013, Mission Eyes Network became the mother site for directing eyecare providers to the most appropriate site for their needs, hoping to unify this consortium of websites and endeavors to best serve the community involved.

What happened to users of MIssion Eyes Network?

If you have been a user of Mission Eyes Network, the majority of users and user information has been migrated to the userbase in Global Sight Alliance.  Please use your username and password from the Mission Eyes Network to login there.  If they do not work, feel free to register using this link - www.globalsight.org  

What is the best way to get connected?

If you are new to ophthalmology missions and are looking to get connected, we would definitely recommend thinking through what your specific needs are.  If you are planning to go to an area of need, who are your connections there and what resources do they have?  Are you connected to local providers?  Are you going with a sponsoring group or are the responsibilities on you to put all of the details together?

Depending on your answers to these questions, it is often best to consider reaching out to find out more about the specific area you are going to be working with.

In general, for newbies, we would recommend connecting with an agency that has experience in assisting physicians and that has local connections.  If you do not think there are any groups that have been to a particular area, please contact us to share about your specific situation and we will help to connect you with helpful resources for your needs.